About Us

TechZone® has been there since 2001. TechZone® has its foundation in long years of experience in dealing with different kind of client environments and excellent technical knowledge.

Today we have reached the point where we have started to tie loose knots in the market, with an open forum for growth and prosperity. During the past period of TechZone® history, TechZone® achieved excellence as an accredited training centre that delivers broad set of training programs as well as consultancy firm specialized in security consultancy.

We have official presence in major cities in the Gulf region

Moreover, TechZone® has formed alliances with the best regional in the Middle East to serve our customers wherever they are located. Additionally, TechZone® has experience with conducting educational seminars and professional services in European countries such as UK and Western Europe.


TechZone® aims to develop knowledgeable, technical and business aware community that enforce information security toward a secure e-business environment.

To this end, TechZone® partner with enterprise and telecoms business firms to develop unique course of action to lift up their organization level of security adaptation based on TechZone® e-safe information security Methodology.

Such methodology is enabling enterprises to have a risk free secure e-business leveraging TechZone® suite of services such as Consultations, qualified resources Outsourcing and industry most accredited Awareness/Training programs that help the enterprises to discover their security vulnerabilities, raise staff information security awareness, develop suitable security policies and procedures and develop a solid infrastructure architecture that seamlessly enforces security across the board.


To be a market leader that enables enterprises and service providers to enforce confidentiality, integrity and availability across all layers of their e-business infrastructure and hence exchange information freely with confidence without harm or loss.


Through unique set of services, TechZone® ensures to fulfill its customer’s needs to develop secure converged Infrastructure environment via designing, implementing, and securing different building blocks of the Infrastructure.

Moreover, in addition to security, TechZone® delivers set of Telecom specific trainings to the service providers and their solution integration partners. These courses cover broad range of emerging telecom technologies such as NGN, Wi-MAX, GSM security, etc

Pillars of TechZone® total service strategy can be summarized as follow

  • Deliver a premium value by transforming a unique experience in the niche security market.
  • Capitalize on strong partnerships to deliver a quality consultancy services with respect to building secure converged Infrastructure including hierarchal networks infrastructure, real-time applications (IP Telephony, IPTV) and data center/business applications security.
  • Focus on niche areas of emerging technologies for Service providers, enterprise and commercial market segments.
  • Deliver based on custom highly efficient TechZone® methodology and conforming to worldwide accepted standards such as ISMS according to ISO 27001, secure business environment based on Standards such as ISO 20000, BS255999, etc.