EC- Council Certified VoIP Professional


EC-Council Certified VoIP Professional

Course Description

VoIP refers to voice calls that are routed over online networks using the Internet Protocol–the IP that serves as the backbone of the Internet and is used to ferry e-mails, instant messages and Web pages to millions of PCs or cell phones. VoIP is unique bundle of technologies that allows internet-ready devices to transmit voice and other multimedia data over the web instead of over the telephone network. ECVP course covers Voice of IP technologies, concepts, threats and security issues.

Who Should Attend

The ECVP certification is intended for IT professionals who are responsible for designing and building Voice of IP networks.


5 days (9:00 – 5:00)


The ECVP 312-78 exam will be conducted on the last day of training. Students need to pass the online Prometric exam to receive the ECVP certification.
Course Outline Version 2

Module 01: Introduction to VoIP
Module 02: Analog to Digital Conversions
Module 03: Traditional Voice Telephony Principles
Module 04: VoIP Devices and Cisco Components
Module 05: Configuring VoIP
Module 06: Implementation and Applications of VoIP
Module 07: Quality of Service (QoS) of VoIP
Module 08: H.323 Standards
Module 09: SIP and Supporting Protocols
Module 10: Megaco Protocol
Module 11: Resource Reservation Protocol
Module 12: Wireless VoIP
Module 13: Encryption Techniques for VoIP
Module 14: Troubleshooting VoIP Network
Module 15: VoIP Testing and Tools
Module 16: Threats to VoIP Communication Network
Module 17: VoIP Security
Module 18: Logical Segregation of Network Traffic
Module 19: Hardware and Software VoIP Vendors
Module 20: Regulatory Compliance of VoIP
Module 21: VoIP Hacking