Smart Learning Program in UAE

Key Details

  • Project Date: September 2012 

  • Project Duration: 5 years 

  • Vendors: TechZone, HP, Microsoft, ItWorx, and more to come 

  • Project Official website 

About The Program

The Mohammad Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program offers a modern way of teaching through the integration of technology to the  education system. It is a blended approach to learning where technology-based devices are combined with traditional classroom tools to reshape education in and outside the classroom. The program offers a dynamic and interactive experience for both teachers and students aimed at improving student performance through enabling collaboration, sharing and exchange of knowledge.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program is introduced to further build on what the Ministry of Education has already started with initiatives and projects that fill the gap in the technology education infrastructure in order to raise the learning outcomes and provide the UAE with a qualified, knowledgeable and innovative generation. The program contributes to the Ministry of Education’s efforts that seek to enhance the country’s education systems in realization of its 2010-2020 strategy.


A cohesive, innovative nation valuing its cultural heritage in which Emiratis will inclusively, skilfully, and creatively shape the UAE’s future.


Mohammed Bin Rashid Smart Learning Program will transform UAE educational opportunities into a world-class learning system through the application of the very best in current and future education practices.


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