Project Management Fundamentals (PMF HC577S)


Project Management Fundamentals (HC577S)

Course Description

This 3-day course provides the fundamental concepts,
processes, and techniques to successfully manage
projects. It features the exciting hands-on Race to
Results Simulation that provides project management
experience set in the context of motor racing. Learned
project management fundamentals are immediately
practiced in a multiple project team environment to
maximize achievement of enterprise objectives.
Lessons learned are captured and discussed relative to
the participant’s work environments.

Course Duration : 3 days


Some project management experience is helpful
but not required. Project team experience is very

course outline

Defining the Project

• Key concepts in project management
• Initiating the project
• The project lifecycle
• Identifying Stakeholders
• Defining Requirements
• Defining Scope

Planning the Project

• Principles of project planning
• Creating the WBS
• Developing the schedule
• Developing the budget
• Managing risk
• Finalizing the project management plan

Managing and Closing the Project

• Managing the project
• Measuring and reporting progress
• Managing change
• Closing the project