smart zone



TechZone Focus on developing problem-solving and computational-thinking skills in the context of learning fundamental computer science concepts, using creative computing platforms.

SmartZone courses for Kids and Teens is our latest twist on STEM focus for our youngest innovators. Come play, experiment, and explore concepts in programming, video game design and robotics.
Unlock new tech skills during guided, hands-on activities, build confidence, and make friends in a fun, energetic, and inviting environment. It’s never too early to dream BIG!
TechZone mission is to develop and deliver the highest quality, most inspiring, and inventive  technology experiences for the next generations.

Our beliefs:

  • Higher standards of education raises the national status of youth and allows them to contribute more as productive citizens and future leaders
  • Students learn best by doing “Hands-On , Minds-On”
  • Social engagement is a powerful accelerant to learning

We built inclusive, fun learning environments where students are empowered with the 21st century learning skills, we’re deeply passionate about empowering the next generation of coders, app developers, game designers, engineers, and innovators to be the core of the ambitious vision of our leaders and add  to them additional skills and competencies needed to succeed in the digital driven economy.

Top Skills Gained

STEM & 21st Century Skills Development:
Adapting to new challenges • Problem-solving • Creativity • Collaborative teamwork • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving • Leadership & Responsibility • Principles of system design • Social & Cross-Cultural Skills • Project planning • Physics and mathematics • Logical Thinking

Conceptual Skills Development:
Basic coding concepts & arrow keys • 2D sprite animations • Basic design • Using coordinates • World building concepts • Custom resource packs • Command block programming • Redstone levers • Structural design • Pulleys and levers • Gears and motors • Engineering concepts • Use the EV3 software and discover visual programming • Program and use different sensors • Recognize gears and gear ratios