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Structured Cabling

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Our technicians are qualified with first-tier and premium-brand vendors and manufacturers

The Essentials
It is imperative that the connecting infrastructure is designed, installed, and maintained with the highest possible quality for an organization.

This does not involve new technology: it entails systematic organization and enhancement that encompasses cable management, labelling, color coding, and connection or termination. All interlinking connectivity, whether fiber optic, copper, or wireless must be organized so that troubleshooting and data availability are improved.

Our cabling technicians and design engineers are therefore trained in a fully systematic methodology that enhances maintainability to such an extent that any cable damage or loss of bandwidth can be isolated and rectified with minimum downtime, keeping Techzone ahead of the market and able to approach, tackle, and resolve any cabling project no matter how large or complex.

Operation & Maintenance Manual
Testing & Certifications

Design Aspects.

  • Campus Backbone Subsystem
  • Equipment Room Subsystem
  • Horizontal Subsystem
  • Work Area Subsystem
  • Administration Subsystem
  • Riser Subsystem
  • Backbone Fiber Subsystem

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